Airport Command Center Project


2 East China Largest International Airports' Public Security Command Center Projects

Project Background
Based on the requirement of united monitor and management, Shanghai Municipal Public Security Command Center needs to manage all video management systems of both Pudong and Hongqiao airport in one network. Through the command center, the user is able to view the timely video image of all areas’ cameras so as to respond timely and quickly.
Customer Requirement
Pudong and Hongqiao airports adopted several sets of digital video management system at different period individually, including NiceVerintIndigoAxis etc., while each system works independently. Overall numbers of the front end videos are over 5000 which are spread in each corners of the airport: terminal building, hardstand, cargo area etc. The command platform needs to integrate all these independent system into one system to manage.  
The security management system required by the customers can not only monitor video screen, but also integrate the GIS system(airport geography information management system), parking management system and video system, ensuring all systems can be monitored and managed on the same screen.
In order to make sure the system’s safety and stability, Pudong and Hongqiao airports need to adopt the multi-server framework, where the servers are the mutual hot spared redundancy.
Airlink Solution
Airlink provides a set of integrated security management platform according to current situation. Its open feature cannot only be compatible of current different video management systems, but also integrate geography information system, parking management system etc. Customers are able to view any system and any points’ monitor sensor by double clicking the keys in the command center, so as to cooperate with the Airport Public Security to quickly respond. The system is also able to monitor the status information of all front end points through intelligent analysis technology. All video images can be uploaded to Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau headquarter through the Public Security specific network, for the use of investigation afterwards.
The system adopts distributed multiple database frame and the databases use the hot spared redundancy method, to make sure any planned action won’t lead to the breaking off of the core system.
The parking lot management fits with the intelligent vehicle plate identification and also link with the blacklist database of Public Security System, to ensure sending the illegal alarming signal to the monitor center before all illegal vehicles enter into the airport, to solve the problem in advance.  
According to customer’s use habit, Airlink tailors the user interface. By Airlink digital analog matrix, the security management persons can group any windows on the monitor screen.
Airlink Value
With several years’ security management and implementation experience in the aviation domain, Airlink provides one set of tailored solution to the customer and wins the customer’s recognition and trust. Airlink will keep providing best service and support to the customers and apply the continuously innovative technology and solution to the aviation project.

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