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Large State-Owned Bank’s Shanghai Branch Project

Project Background
A Large state owned bank owns over 200 self-service outlets in Shanghai. In order to realize the requirement of centralized monitoring and management, it needs to set up a set of integrated security management platform to monitor the real-time video screen and alarming points of all outlets. At the same time, the Shanghai distributed Treasuries of this bank need a set of safe and complete management system to ensure that all persons are allowed to pass through the access by multi-identification.
Customer Requirement
The customer’s original self-service outlets video monitoring system is composed of several different brands’ systems to manage 15-30 ways analog videos of each outlet, including Hikvision, Dahua, Tongji Tianyue etc. Meanwhile, there are over 10 ways infrared and dual alarming sensors installed at access, self-service and money adding booth areas. The network of each outlet’s monitor center is connected by 1.5M VPN network. It needs to transfer the timely video screen and alarm signal to the center at most under particular broad band so as to help the center administrator to respond quickly.
In the Treasury system, all persons coming out and in must be controlled by group and the access control system must be managed by the way of swinging card and encryption and fingerprint identification.
Airlink Solution
Airlink provides a set of integrated security management platform which has perfectly solved the requirement of video system networking monitor and management for all outlets in Shanghai. When the infrared monitor sensor detects that somebody enters into the self-service area, the system can pop up the timely scene image on the monitor center screen. At the same time, thanks to large number of videos, Airlink tailors a set of video queuing management system which displays all branch banks’ video images on screen according to chronological sequence. Based on the restriction of network broad band, realize the video stream limit through technology so as to guarantee the resolution and fluency of the image.
In the Treasury system, we apply both the card reader with the key board and biological fingerprint equipment in this area. Through the two-person control way, make sure different groups’ members being present simultaneously. Meanwhile, in the monitor room, after the specifically-assigned person identifies the video, allow the passing through. It ensures the system’s safety.   
The whole system strictly complies with Shanghai municipal security standard and national security standard. All systems are managed under the same platform to realize the linkage among alarming, access and video monitor.
Airlink Value
Thanks to the multiple experience and professional technology in the financial domain in several years, Airlink provides a set of security solution with the best price and performance by using the advanced equipment maximally, on the basics of realizing security requirement.

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